And that works for men too!

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Having worked both in Bloomingdales and Sephora, I can tell you this gift is always a hit!

Believe it or not, I will tell you men are harder to find fragrances for than a Woman.

A woman understands the different notes, but Most men will just say “I like that one”, and each designer, of course, has his or her own these days.

From classics like Chanel to Versace, and stars like Jennifer Lopez to Brittney Speares..there is something for every taste and every budget!

Not to Blow Sephora’s horn, but they have this great scent finder – it’s right on the fragrance wall and breaks up the products into various categories, i.e., Mens, Womens, or by type or designer. They even have a fun questionnaire to help determine your best Scents.

So, Happy Holiday Hunting out there!

And, remember, why look (Or Smell) Good when you can look (or Smell) Great!

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