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What Mrs. Brady Knows and you may not…

What’s been on your mind?  Gotta quit smoking?  Need to relax and reduce your stress?  Fearful of spiders, or flying, or going to the dentist, for example?  Or just know that you need a boost in your life?  More than ever, people are reaching out to hypnosis to awaken the power of the the mind to begin regaining inner self control.  If you’ve got a goal that has been escaping your for awhile, it’s time to try something new.

Hypnosis and the hypnotic “trance” is perhaps one of the most relaxing times that you can have. Similar to meditation, hypnosis allows the busy working mind to settle down to allow the deeper thinking mind to feel your inner strength and begin to re-build your inner motivation to stay on track.  I like to call it a feeling of “active rest” where your body feels good enough to enjoy a moment to relax so much that all you want to do is just listen.  And that is where hypnosis begins.

And what is it that you are listening to?  Your goals, your thoughts, and all the positive reinforcement you need to hear.  The message that your deep thinking mind wants to tell the active “all-over-the-place” conscious mind but just can’t seem to make the connection.  Hypnosis works when you are ready to fully embrace the idea, ready to hear the words, and ready to reach your goal for yourself.

Imagine how powerful it will feel to regain your own inner self control.  That’s what hypnosis is more about — most feel that you will “lose” control but it is completely the other way around.  While in the hypnotic trance, you have full control of everything — you can move, cough, clear your throat — anything that you would normally do.  Hypnosis is not sleep; but the amazing part is that when you are brought back to the full awareness, you will feel like you have just taken the best power nap of your life. 

I recently learned that Mrs. Brady (from the Brady Bunch — Florence Henderson) is a hypnotist.

And countless number of celebrities and athletes — Tiger Woods, Matt Damon, Jackie Onassis, Phil Jackson to name a few — have incorporated hypnosis into their daily lives.  You have at your fingertips the ability to regain your own inner power and motivation.  Hypnosis is the key to removing the roadblocks of the mind. 

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