Happiness versus Suffering: The Choice is Yours

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The vibration of suffering does not mix with the vibration of inner peace and contentment. It’s impossible to be happy and suffer and the same time. Since I have the ability to choose how I want to feel, I have chosen to eliminate suffering from my life once and for all. Like most things, it’s easier said than done. But since inner peace and contentment (aka being happy) is my number one priority, I decided to make eliminating internal suffering my number two priority.

Who defines suffering? Man or God?

Some may point to the dreaded natural disasters like hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, fires, etc., for reasons to suffer. The truth is natural disasters are constantly occurring throughout the Universe–in EVERY galaxy known and unknown to man. The only difference is Earth just happens to have human beings as cohabitants. Natural disasters are not a personal phenomenon. And, in my opinion, all actions of the Universe (God) are not personal. (See my article UvM)

When you observe the animal kingdom, nothing that happens is personal. When the lion cub is killed by a male lion who wants to mate with the female lion–it’s not personal. For some penguin species, if mommy and daddy penguin have more than one chick at the same time, they instinctively only care for the strongest chick while leaving the weakest to die. Again, it’s not personal. One reason for human suffering is that we take what is undoubtedly in Universal order, personally. Human beings have been conditioned and taught to take countless events and circumstances personally–when in actuality, they’re not.

When you let man define suffering, you will always find an abundance of it. However, if you let the Universe (God) define suffering, you discover there’s a reason and purpose for everything–including suffering.

When I began to know I AM Universal Energy, my life changed. With that knowledge my suffering began to diminish. Energy cannot die or be destroyed. Our bodies will die; however, our energy lives forever. When you begin to really understand and more importantly, embrace the basic purpose of this life, you WILL suffer less.

Do you know who you are?

You are a perfect being–here at a perfect time–to experience exactly what you need to experience. There is nothing you need to do…there is only what you are inspired to do. You are brilliantly designed. (God does not make mistakes) You are Divine. Period.

When you begin to view the Universe (God) as impersonal Energy, this world becomes easier to understand. In fact, labels like love, suffering, sadness, joy, passion, anxiety, gratitude, loneliness, bliss, anger, depression, etc., are all man-made. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying these feelings and emotions exist or that they’re wrong–I’m merely saying man creates all labels.

Admittedly, the goal to eliminate my own internal “suffering” is still a work-in-progress; however, I’ve developed a few guidelines I’d like to share with you below.

Why do I suffer? If you promise not to tell anyone–I’ll share my experiences.

I suffer when I RESIST reality.

I suffer when I don’t FLOW with this thing called Life.

I suffer when I want something different than this moment.

I suffer when I don’t acknowledge that EVERYTHING is in perfect order.

I suffer when I think the anything outside of me needs to change.

I suffer when I’m in someone else’s business.

I suffer when I compare myself to others.

I suffer when I judge.

I suffer when I think my perspective is the only perspective.

I suffer when I take anything seriously, including sickness and death. (I suffered when I thought death was the end of a relationship. My Father died in 2008, and I still have conversations with his Energy/Spirit.)

I suffer when I try to control anything or anyone outside of myself.

I suffer when I allow my ego to make choices…other than what outfit, hairstyle, or lipstick to wear.

I suffer when I think my plan is better than the Universe’s plan.

I suffer when I have an attachment to an outcome.

I suffer when I have expectations.

I suffer when I avoid looking for the Truth. (Usually, that’s coupled with looking in the mirror.)

I could go on, but hopefully you get my point. Internal suffering is a man-made condition; therefore, internal suffering can be un-made. The great news is we all have a choice.

I choose to be happy! You?


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