Stay Calm, Breathe and Do Yoga!

Stay Calm, Breathe and Do Yoga!

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As an acting teacher and pre-school music/movement teacher I get to observe children in various situations. I notice how their behaviors change through-out a typical school day, how they handle different situations and how all of it effects their emotions, body and mind.

It is not uncommon to hear that a child is having a difficult time sitting, focusing or listening. They usually show their displeasure or discomfort by squirming, making noises, fidgeting, defying, crying and more.

I also hear from parents how things can turn rough in a matter of moments when it comes time to get their child to perform a basic task, or to rise happily in the morning, to sleep at night, to get along with others or listen to them or their teachers.

As a teacher and Mom I don’t protest to have all the answers but I do have some tools that I know work. I am blessed to be an actor and acting teacher first who also teaches music and movement among  other things but also being  a child Yoga Instructor I know firsthand that Yoga produces the  quickest benefits and it is something that you can take with you wherever you go to help yourself and your precious little one. The one I call “The Prize” or if you’ve been blessed more than one time “The Prizes.” Yes Prizes..who don’t always know how to calm themselves, or energize themselves. So why not try some Yoga with them or have your child learn how to practice and utilize skills that can help them grow, be healthy body and mind while having fun.

It starts with:

Healthy Energy

Most 3 to 5 year olds have no shortage of energy but some have difficulty getting motivated or started. Practicing yoga can slow down an over active child and get them to focus or awaken a child who you can’t seem to be motivated. Simple poses like Lion’s Breath is a great way to get a child to breathe deeply in a stressful situation or can be a great way to relieve frustration or can charge up a listless little one.

Inhale deeply then exhale and “roar” Simple right?

There are many postures and poses to be learned in Yoga Class that are fun, easy to remember and so very helpful to maintain healthy energy.

Physical Challenge

Yoga poses will physically challenge your child and doesn’t require a gym or any equipment.  Poses like Lotus and Downward Dog help maintain flexibility whole other more challenging poses like Tree pose and Donkey pose help maintain balance and coordination. Challenging poses increase confidence when conquered and the result is new found physical capabilities.

Breathing techniques taught in Yoga class, like Bunny Breathes and Balloon Hissing help with anxiety, stress, anger, trouble focusing and difficulty sleeping.  The possibilities are endless.



Teaching yoga to little ones may not always be Zen like but it sure is fun and improves emotional and physical wellbeing as well as the opportunity to develop imagination. Yoga poses like Cat, Cow, Turtle and Alligator are perfect for the imagination. Also finger play, songs and games that are incorporated into yoga routines maintain their interest and reinforce concepts like counting, letters, and animal sounds.

So now that you know the physical and emotional benefits for the little one STAY CALM, BREATHE AND DO YOGA!

Authored by: Laurie Ann Davis

Laurie Ann Davis is a mom, acting teacher, actor, author and lives on Long Island, NY. Laurie Ann has been an actor for 22 years and is member of SAG/AFTRA/Equity and has been and acting teacher for 18 years and is the creator of Star Map Acting Studio which is now known as the Laurie Ann Davis Acting Studio and owned Dreamvision Talent Management. Ms. Davis has created many theater programs that have been incorporated in public schools and she teaches music/acting to school age children full time. In the recent past she had her own acting program at the Great South Bay YMCA that was a part of the Boulton Center Theater’s Act Out Troupe. She also created the very first Performing Arts Camp Jr. in Bayshore, NY where some of her original plays have been performed by her students. In recent years Laurie Ann has also dabbled in song writing and has done some recording and hopes to put out a children album in the near future. She is also very proud to be a published author of an acting book for children called “Finally…Monologues That Work” and has recently released her first children’s book “Storm Of Colors.”  Laurie Ann has studied with many teachers in NYC including Jack Poggi, Jim Bonney, Ian McRae (Neighborhood Playhouse), Penny Templeton, Gene Frankel, Larry Silverberg, Joan See and Ruth Nerken of The School For Film and Television and many more. Her acting credits include various theatre roles, film, commercials and played Emily on the daytime serial One Life To Live. Besides doing marketing and casting actors Laurie Ann teaches workshops in Theatre Technique, On-camera television workshops, Film, One on One audition coaching and more... She is excited to be a part of Club Time to Play and is looking forward to having her songs, books and products available to the creative public on the Time To Play website. Helping others build confidence, expand their creativity and making people good good is her passion and goal. Its time to play and discover the real you! 

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