This week we’re going to list the 5 topics that go into the SWOT analysis — join me back here for the next 5 weeks for an explaination of each section —

  1. Strengths:

    a. How Much is in Retirement Assets

    b. Persistency of Workforce

    c. Tax Environment

    d. Inflation

    e. Cheap Money

    f. Location of Your Clients

  2. Weaknesses

    a. Debt

1. Household

2. Country

3. States

b. Unemployment

c. Longevity

d. Entitlement Programs

e. Underfunded Retirement Plans

f. The Shift to Self Help Retirement Plans

g. Increasing Volatility of Market

3. Opportunities:

a. Cultural Shift – Information age to Connected Age

b. Change in Work Structure

c. Team/Integrated Approach

d. Product Innovation

4. Threats:

a. Longevity

b. Increased Complexity of Financial Instruments

c. Increased Accounting & Financial Regulation

d. Aging of Financial Professionals

e. Entitlement Culture / Attitudes

5. How do we proceed:

a. Forming Teams of Trusted Partners

b. Communicating with Clients

c. Self Care

Authored by: Jeanne Brutman

Jeanne Brutman is a fully independent Financial Planner in the New York area who advises people on how to grow their personal net worth through Easy, Step by Step Education and Decisions that build their wealth and security over the short and long term. Jeanne can be emailed at or visit her at her website for useful tools and tips.

Jeanne's Podcast Link: Setting financial goals (etc.) for the new year.

*All investment advice given by Jeanne Brutman is just opinion. Please consult with your financial professional for a more thorough discussion of what is appropriate for you

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