In our last conversation we spoke about knowing and connecting with your audience.

This is accomplished by:

1) Testing your material.

2) Meet the people before you speak.

3) Look them in the eye

Sounds simple and looks easy. Katie Perry makes singing look easy, Robin Williams makes comedy effortless and Doreen Guma takes a large project and makes that look easy.

I have a secret: none of it is easy. Truly successful enterprises are not simple, but when your dream goes from an exciting challenge to work then it is time to rethink your approach.

To many people, public speaking goes beyond something they don’t want to do. It falls into the realm of I would rather do anything else but stand in front of a group of people and present an idea.

How can you really connect with an audience if you can’t get over your own fears? Obviously, you can’t. A properly delivered speech starts with focusing on one person, and that person is you.

Your topic may be something that you chose, or if it is business, perhaps not. But, personalizing the presentation will help you make a connection with the audience because you will be talking about something that is meaningful to you.

A business presentation can, and should, include a story about a client that has gone through the scenario that you are discussing. Maybe a success story, or a challenging one.

No matter what your story is, tell it. That will connect you with your speech and your speech with your audience, and ultimately your audience with you.

Authored by: Brian Cohen DTM

Public Speaking Specialist, Distinguished Toastmaster Brian Cohen has held positions in the business arena for thirty years. He has been focused for the last ten years in positions that have honed his presentation skills. Six years ago he joined Toastmasters and has quickly earned the highest educational designation.  Founder of Strategies of Success Speakers Bureau The concept behind our team of to help your sales team be the most effective, efficient and exciting as they are capable of and maybe more.We focus on communicating. Communicating to ourselves by building confidence, to our team by speaking with motivation and to our clients/prospects where they are, with what they need to close the sale. Email Brian at   Strategies Of Success Strategies Of Success Radio -            

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