It's Not OK

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It’s not ok to identify a problem and not solve it

It’s not ok to not recycle

It’s not ok to take advantage of someone

It’s not ok to ignore someone’s needs

It’s not ok to ignore someone’s rights

It’s not ok to feed our kids crappy school lunches

It’s not ok to not help each other

It’s not ok to lie

It’s not ok to be mean

It’s not ok to steal from someone

It’s not ok to not see the beauty in the world

It’s not ok to not take advantage of the opportunities that surround us – the beauty of the beach, the wonderful museums, events, etc.

It’s not ok to hurt someone

It’s not ok to make someone feel bad

It’s not ok to give up and just take it

Its’ not ok to ignore something.  Fix it.

It’s not ok to be inconsiderate or selfish

It’s not ok to always be working or to work too hard

It’s not ok to duplicate efforts – for example, causes for cancer.  If people with the same goals work together for the common good, we will get much further.

It’s not o.k. to not have friends

It’s not ok not to smile

It’s not ok to miss the little things

It’s not ok to not be free

It’s not ok to not make it better

It’s not ok for chemicals to be added to our food

It’s not ok to not be healthy

It’s not ok to be sad

It’s not ok to be overwhelmed

It’s not ok to be prejudice

It’s not ok to oppress others

It’s not ok to use our people as disposable items.

It’s not ok to not realize each and every person is important – that they are someone’s mother, father, child, spouse, friend.

It’s not ok for our soldiers to fight for our country and not get the support they need when they come back with injuries or post traumatic stress disorder

It’s not ok to not enjoy life

It’s not ok for lobbyists to persuade how our laws are made instead of our laws being made for the good of the people

It’s not ok for our politicians to not work for us

It’s not ok for our politicians to not work in our best interests

It’s not ok for someone to take away your (our) quality of life

It’s not ok to leave a mess someone else has to clean up

It’s not ok that there is a job where someone has to clean an animal with a toothbrush

It’s not ok to overfish our oceans

It’s not ok to hurt our environment

It’s not ok to be stressed out

It’s not ok to be frustrated

It’s not ok to not follow your dreams

It’s not ok to not achieve your potential

It’s not ok to not say it’s not ok

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It’s ok to start a revolution.

It’s ok to do something.

It’s ok to be outraged to move to action.

It’s ok to change it.

Copyright August 6, 2011, Doreen Lenore Guma, All Rights Reserved

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