How Can You Reduce Your 1 in 3 Cancer Risk Part 3, What Do Antioxidants Do by Melissa Stockman

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How can you reduce your 1 in 3 cancer risk?  Part 3:  What do antioxidants do? By Melissa Stockman RN, BC-ANP, PNP                                                                                                           …

How Can You Reduce Your 1 in 3 Cancer Risk by Melissa Stockman

Part 1:  What are the recent cancer statistics?  & How does free radical damage occur?        As per the American Cancer Society, women have a 1 in 3 risk of developing cancer & men have a 1 in 2 risk!  Females have…

Tips to Increase Daily Activity

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Yes, we all know that a healthy body is a moving body.  But in today's high tech and fast moving world sometimes it hard to find the time to get things shakin'. The time is there, its how we use it. According to an article posted on…

Who is the Patient’s Advocate?

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At a recent meeting of patient safety professionals a small group of nurses huddled around where I was sitting, and one began to share a story about how hard it is to advocate for patients.  She explained that a woman who was in labor was…