Mother's Day

So, today I reflect on Mother’s Day, an annual day of recognition and celebration. First, I’ve got to note that I am a mom of three wonderful children, now all young adults.  I fully recognize that being a mom is probably one of the most…

Celebrate Today – Don’t Wait

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I woke up thinking about celebrations today.  I guess it was a result of this past weekend being Mother’s Day.  My mother used to frequently say, “Mother’s Day is not just one day, but every day”.  True.  This is a thought we could…

Looking at Achievements - Here's to 2011!

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So. . . 2011 is here.  We have bucket lists.  We have goals. As a newbie to Facebook, I have noticed people posting when they are working on something or when they have finally accomplished "it".  I think that is one thing Facebook has…