Starting or Buying a Business

Planning for your own business Before you start your own business or buy an existing business, you should do some initial planning. You may have already decided what type of business you want--your own restaurant, retail outlet, service, or…

Maybe There's Something to a Relative That Steals the Limelight --

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A relative of mine, I'll call her "Sue", has a need to feel important.  I know we all have one in our families.  A person who has to shine, be loud, draw attention, drink too much, etc.  It took me my whole life to realize why Sue acts the…

Don't Buy Me Anything for our Anniversary

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I was talking to a friend who said that he and his wife celebrated their wedding anniversary the other day.  She told him not to buy her a gift. As this blog is associated with a "quest for quality of life", his words inspired me to write…