Do you see beauty in the world?

We recently had the privilege of attending Americade, held in Lake George, New York, the beginning of June.  Americade is a motorcycle rally.  The first year we went, back in 2010, there were 30,000 motorcyclists who attended.  Not a rowdy…

Thank You Maya Angelou

I’ll never forget the first time I read something by Maya Angelou. It was a number of years ago. I had been in New York City, and found a used bookstore. Bookstores are something I rarely pass up, and used bookstores are a treat for me. I…

Make Your Eyes "Wide" - Michael's Tip

To create a rounder more open " Wide Eyed " Look add a white or off white line inside the lower part of the Eye on the water line and a smudgey line just below the lashes