Employee Prevention Program (EPP)®

Programs Tailored to Your Unique Workplace or Healthcare Organization

Our Employee Prevention Program® addresses your organization’s Enterprise Risk so you can STOP the Lawsuits!  STOP the Hostility!  STOP the Expensive & Never-Ending Headaches & Band-Aids!

Our unique Employee Prevention Program (EPP)® is a visible and proactive solution intended to prevent adverse outcomes in your workers and your workplace.

Not only will you be creating a workplace where you will be visibly recognized as a best place to work, but this unique program will increase engagement, increase worker retention, decrease potential human resource liability, and, in turn, save you money.

Beginning with a comprehensive assessment, your organization will be provided a visible and inclusive solution that will positively impact your organization and your team.

  • Decrease Hostility & Incivility in Your Workplace
  • Solutions for “Problem” Employees
  • Work with your organization’s Enterprise Risk Management program
  • Provide Cost-Effective Solutions Tailored to Your Workplace’s Unique Needs & Budget.  We are cheaper than a potential lawsuit and a lot less of a headache for all involved.

We look forward to meeting with you to start creating a workplace that will allow you to be the best and retain the best.

Please call our Foundation’s corporate headquarters at 631-331-2675, fill out the contact form, or email doreen@timetoplay.com to schedule your consultation and learn how you can start saving money today.

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