It is time to enjoy your life. It is Time to Play®

We get it.  Life gets busy, we get hectic, and it’s easy to forget to enjoy life.

We have a solution.  

Here at Time to Play, we believe that every moment of every day can feel like we are at play.  We recognize that it is our mindset and our emotional intelligence skills that enable us to navigate through our daily life experience and create our own best life.

Our Time to Play products are available for purchase by individuals or organizations and include, but are not limited to:  Casual wear clothing (T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, jackets), footwear, hats, caps, headbands, bathing trunks, shorts, tank tops, hooded sweat shirts, rain-wear, carrying bags, backpacks, duffel bags, fanny packs, gym bags, metal key rings, and umbrellas.

With these simple reminders to enjoy life, you can have a gentle reminder to keep you on track and to keep moving forward.  

Questions / customer service:  email: or call 631-331-2675

NOTE:  A portion of all purchases is provided for grants to fund self-empowerment and emotional intelligence programs for individuals and communities.  Please see for more information or to apply.  Thank you for your support towards the solution and goal we all have — that for life enjoyment.