At Time to Play Coaching, we work with individuals, families and organizations to develop strengths, positive and proactive behaviors, and harmony.  Our unique “I AM Awesome” workshop and PREinvent YOUR Life® program will spark you to love life.  We offer social and emotional intelligence coaching for individuals and groups.

Time to Play Coaching
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Dear Doreen,

Thank you so very much for working with me and taking my life from being in the dumps to a place of unlimited possibilities.  I sat down with you about 1 year ago and you told me some vital information about myself and my future that really sunk in. You played a huge part in helping me get my life together and choose a career for myself that I’m passionate about and always gave me the encouragement to keep on working when I was overwhelmed and discouraged.  You are such a great and caring and empathetic person. I can’t thank you enough for helping become a certified personal trainer and for guiding me in which career to pick!!! Meeting you was a vital turning point in my life and I want everyone to know how good you are at what you do. A life coach is to say the least . So thank you once again for everything and I hope more people will come to you to make their lives better.

Sincerely,  V.P.

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