It is acknowledged that the self-help industry is an $11 Billion industry that runs on a reactive and crisis management approach instead of a proactive approach. There are also many different statistics that support the development of this program including, but not limited to: the statistic that 56% of our college students are un- or under employed, the statistics on bullying, the statistics on divorce, the statistics on depression and suicidal ideation, the statistics on the decline in the health of our population including the increase of obesity and increase of diabetes, and more. The PreInvent YOUR Life® program is designed to “break the cycle” so people can enjoy life.

The PreInvent YOUR Life® program is different in that it provides tips, tools and resources in a proactive manner instead of waiting for people to develop a self-destructive behavior then try to get back on track.

The PreInvent YOUR Life® program enables a person to develop skills to PRE-Invent their life versus the typical reinvention that is the customary approach in our society today and encourage people to choose the right path to begin with. There is no limit to the program offerings that can be provided under the PreInvent YOUR Life® program umbrella. The programs will follow the Time to Play Foundation’s Philosophy that you have to be happy, healthy, have money and life balance to have quality of life. Programs can be tailored to meet the needs of a group, business, organization or community.

This program was developed utilizing the expertise of Time to Play Foundation Founder Doreen Guma, MA, FACHE, CPC, CLC, a specialist in quality improvement and investigating root cause.

Some program topics and subject areas are:

  • Happy: Self-Esteem | Self-Empowerment | Life Skills| PRE-bullying | Gratitude | Kindness | Problem Solving | Identification of Strengths & Talents | Development of Creativity
  • Life Balance & Financial: Job Opportunity and Career Exploration | College Planning (financial / getting into college how to) | Revival of School Business Partnerships, Apprenticeships & Mentoring Programs | How to Start a Business | How to Incorporate | Business Resources | Resume Development & Interview Skills | How to Grow a Business | Money Management | Debt Prevention | Public Speaking
  • Health: General Health | Improvement of Health | Diabetes Prevention | Antioxidants Lectures | Weight Management | Healthy Eating | Exercise

Additionally, the Time to Play Foundation plans to collaborate with organizations, experts and professionals in order to accomplish the goals and objectives of this program and avoid duplication of already available programs and services. The key is to provide visible and fun programs that will attract attendees.

Current Programs:  Please call 631-331-2675 or email: to schedule a program for your organization or to sign up

Fees are tax deductible donation