Just imagine what would happen if we shifted our thinking to the positive and the possibilities for our Community…

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An Enjoy Life Community®:

  • Is a low cost social intervention that can improve the quality of life in any community.
  • Will bring ALL community organizations, people and businesses together to focus on the needs of a community as a whole.
  • Will decrease social isolation by encouraging everyone to get involved.
  • Will bridge the communication within a community.
  • Will motivate the community to work together to create a better life.

Bridging the organizations and people so everybody can have the best possible quality of life

Enjoy Life Communities feature a social infrastructure that mirrors the best bridges, highways and transportation – People are connected, empowered and involved.

  • People care about themselves and each other.
  • People are driven by a shared purpose and individual dreams….
  • What happens to my neighbor happens to me.

In typical communities…

  1. People are isolated and segregated.
  2. Services are duplicated or omitted.
  3. People tend to get together for emergencies and then revert to original habits in the wake emergencies, referring to those incidents as isolated.

In an enjoy life community…

  1. People are connected through their shared culture: Beliefs, habits, routines, traditions, etc.
    1. Recognize that each citizen and guest is part of the community and a contributing participant in the culture
    2. Recognize that diverse cultures inform the shared culture
  2. Services reflect the needs, aspirations, etc. of the people in the community
  3. People get together/convene
  4. Enjoy Life Communities foster PRIDE and collaboration in a community.

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Life is a Team Effort

– Roberta Richin


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