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It’s Time to Make Things Happen!

FIRST Enjoy Life Community™ Launches in Port Jefferson Station and Terryville, New York



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Podcast regarding the Enjoy Life Community Project Listen Here

People helping people | collaboration = success.  It’s time for our community to Enjoy Life.

There are numerous social issues that affect our communities every day including unemployment, depression, suicidal ideation, educational constraints, the increasing crime and costs of living, and the increase of drug use, to name a few. There are many committees and task forces formed or being formed every day in communities across the country, and many start with “anti”, for example, anti-bullying or anti-drug.  These committees state and emphasize the problems or concerns within the community.

The Port Jefferson Station Community is taking a different approach.  

Our community is focusing on what we need to Enjoy Life.

We have launched the FIRST Enjoy Life Community™, sponsored by the Time to Play Foundation, Inc., a not for profit 501c3 foundation with the mission and purpose to enrich the lives of others through programs, public awareness outreach activities, events and learning opportunities that further the concept of enjoying life.

“The goal of the Enjoy Life Community™ is to bring ALL community organizations, groups and businesses together to focus on the needs of the community as a whole and not the problems; to encourage everyone to get involved; to spread the news of the good works community groups and people are currently doing; to eliminate the hopelessness that people feel; to eliminate the thinking that they are powerless and encourage them to believe that, as a community, we can achieve anything,” said Doreen Guma, Founder of the Time to Play Foundation.

“So many people are doing such great things in each and every community, but I have found that many people do not know what they are working on or the resources within the community available to them.  Many times people feel hopeless and sit around and wait for “them” to fix things.  I believe we are all people living together and it’s up to us to make things happen to benefit us all.  The Enjoy Life Community™ will become a “micro hub” where we can create a wish list and everyone can “pitch in” so we can ALL enjoy life and make things happen. Nothing is impossible when we work together,” said Guma.

One of the features will be the “Welcome to Our Enjoy Life Community™” signs that will be installed throughout the community.  The signs will remind people of the importance to Enjoy Life, even if they are having a bad day.  Hopefully the reminder will trigger a positive momentum in the lives of all who live here.

“With all the negative news every day, there is no better time than the present to focus on the positive and what our community needs to enjoy our life, and to work together to make it happen,” said Doreen.

This is the FIRST Enjoy Life Community™, and the goal is to spread this Enjoy Life Community™ Concept to EVERY community throughout our Country.  It’s time to Enjoy Life.

Read more:  Doreen posted the long version of the presentation the Enjoy Life CommunityCommittee made to the Brookhaven Town Board 10/28/2014

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