In this incredibly fast paced world, how can I make valuable business contacts quickly, easily and affordably?


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what is a video worth?

If I were to venture a guess I’d say quite a few more than that!

A properly produced clearly video explains who you are and what you do in a simple, easy to understand manner to prospective clients, partners etc.


So you have a new product you need to promote? Show it to me.

Demonstrate how it works, how it feels, how you use it, how you cook it, eat it, how you clean it, ride it, paint it etc. The power of video is unmatched and the uses are ENDLESS.


Countless hours of research show that when potential clients feel comfortable about you they will buy from you, they will work with you, they will build a relationship with you. People tend to feel as though they know you when they experience your video.


These days everything is NOW NOW NOW in life in general, and in business in particular. Busy people don’t have the time to wade through your web site hoping to glean the necessary information from all of the static text that greets them. Get them involved with

short interesting videos that gives them some basic connecting points….an overview of the who what and where. They will then wander off into the various places on your site with a more comfortable feeling.


Okay…they are at your site…on your Facebook page…your YouTube channel. They are engaged and interested. MAKE THEM AN OFFER THEY CAN”T REFUSE! A call to action in your video presentation goes a long way to building that relationship we were talking about earlier and will further point out the effectiveness of the videos your are presenting. Feedback in this way can help you position the videos for maximum result.

It’s pretty obvious. If you want to successfully communicate in 2012, YOU NEED VIDEO.

Authored by: Joe Refano

For nearly 25 years MEDIA MECHANIX has ben creating and producing professional, results-oriented marketing in the areas of TV and Radio commercials; Video content; Original music and jingles. They have won BEST ON LONG ISLAND nearly 30 times for their work with agencies and in-house ad teams. Give your marketing the muscle it deserves. To contact Joe visit

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