Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could captivate an audience? Perhaps this was a crazy idea but I did it anyway.

Remember when Regis Philbin left the Live with Regis and Kelly show? I do. I even have the article announcing his departure.

Remember when Kelly announced the contest to see who would be a guest host for the day? I do. I even have the article announcing the details.

I am sure you know where I am going with this by now. Yes, I did enter the contest and no I did not win, place or show. In this case they posted the top 25 videos and I was not among them.

Sad? Yes. Disappointed? Without a doubt. Realistically did I expect to win, no. Did I think I had a chance? Of course, but it didn’t play out in that manner.

Now you may be wondering why I tell you this story. The answer is because I did captivate an audience, just not the one I was aiming at. I did create a facebook page announcing that I was doing this and even posted the video.

It is still there if you want to see it.

What happened is that my friends in the business world started talking about it and they were captivated with the thought that I had the gumption to do this. What could be considered a failure by not being a finalist in the contest turned out to be success because I stood out amongst many others because I took the opportunity for something big.

As a speaker you do not have to fully captivate the audience with every word. All you need to do is captivate them with your confidence. Tell them a story about how you failed and learned and you will captivate them with you honesty. Tell them a story of your personal challenges and then success and you will captivate them with your personality. Tell them a story of how they can succeed by following your example and you will have an audience that will be captivated by their goals and your guidance.

Authored by: Brian Cohen DTM

Public Speaking Specialist, Distinguished Toastmaster Brian Cohen has held positions in the business arena for thirty years. He has been focused for the last ten years in positions that have honed his presentation skills. Six years ago he joined Toastmasters and has quickly earned the highest educational designation.  Founder of Strategies of Success Speakers Bureau The concept behind our team of to help your sales team be the most effective, efficient and exciting as they are capable of and maybe more.We focus on communicating. Communicating to ourselves by building confidence, to our team by speaking with motivation and to our clients/prospects where they are, with what they need to close the sale. Email Brian at Briansos@optonline.net   Strategies Of Success -www.briansos.com Strategies Of Success Radio - www.blogtalkradio.com/strategiesofsuccess            

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