Time To Play: Poem

Time To Play: Poem


Time To Play:  A Poem

Why should I put my life on hold

When I have today;

A time to love, a time to learn,

And a time to play.

Lisa-Hill-Balance-ScalesWhy should I keep my creativity

Hidden on a shelf?

When I can share it with the world,

And seek a higher self.

Why wait another minute?

Postpone another hour?

When I can start right now;

What invigorating power!

Allow the light to shine,

Believe it will come through;

Take some quiet time to think

Of all you’d like to do.

To make a difference in this world

Starting with fabulous you;

Begin a journey of love and light

By just being true.

Begin to live a balanced life;

To yourself just say:

“I have time to love and learn

And the time to play!”    

                                                                  -Stacy Lee

Authored by: Stacy Gertz

Stacy Gertz, MS, Teacher, CASAC T, Restauranteur, Media Sales.: As a New York Certified Teacher in Literacy, Special Education and Elementary School, Stacy has always focused on implementing self-esteem into her curriculum. She taught reading and writing skills at American Heritage School in Plantation, Fl. for seven years. She worked with emotionally challenged students with learning differences. Stacy has worked in both teaching and field-coaching positions with a variety of special education programs for Eastern Suffolk BOCES. She, along with her husband, transformed a local Huntington Pub into a highly regarded destination for fine dining and banquets in the 90’s. (Panama Hatties) Stacy recently attained her CASAC T from Outreach Training Institute. Stacy has worked with teenagers that struggle with addictions in a few Long Island rehabilitation programs. She currently coordinates sales and marketing for WLIX FM; a strong, community based local radio station. Stacy’s passion is to help people channel their strengths to be the best version of themselves. She implements positivity to inspire self-esteem into learning, teaching and loving on a daily basis.

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