If I Knew Then What I Know Now – Our Quest for Quality of Life


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Author: Doreen L. Guma, MA, FACHE, CPC, CLC and wonderful contributors – see below table of contents for chapter titles and authors.

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If I Knew Then What I Know Now . . . 

There is strength and promise within these pages to inspire any reader seeking to find quality of life.
Join us on our journey as we courageously share our heartfelt stories about what we have learned through life lessons and trial and error. If I Knew Then What I Know Now is a compilation of our experiences, things we have done, observations we have made and what we have discovered. 

REVIEW:  “This refreshing read allows readers to realize their personal power. The author provides practical methods and encouraging quotes while sharing insights on developing a positive attitude, practicing forgiveness and strengthening their willpower. This engaging read will call for readers to practice awareness of motives and destructive patterns while guiding them into reaching their potential.  This book is a great tool to remind readers of the importance of being in the moment. The manuscript contains motivational tones that encourage readers to take accountability for their happiness. The author’s encouraging, passionate and informative tone creates a highly impactful reading. The author also includes inspiring quotes that are cohesive with chapter themes.  

This is an extremely valuable and engaging read. This 

book contains stimulating topics and insight on subjects 

of marriage, breakups substance abuse and provides 

readers with personal examples to illustrate major 

themes.” editor Krystina Murrary, Xulon Press

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“I am honored to have been chosen to be a part of this amazing quality of life project. This book is a testament to a single radiant Spirit who, years ago, visualized and set a goal to help more than one million people live a better Life. Doreen lives the mantra of “People Helping People”, and this book intensifies her vision and her dream. The stories written in If I Knew Then What I Know Now came straight from the souls of people wanting to help other people while, unknowingly, helping themselves in the process. These heartfelt stories will give you courage and inspiration to explore your own life–while loving and accepting others even more.
Thank you, Doreen for your vision and for your tenacity. I’m one of your biggest fans!” 

Rebecca L. Norrington

Happiness Specialist

P.S. You have already changed the world with this book.


Note: The chapters in this book follow the Time to Play Philosophy with sections on Happiness, Health, Money and Work Life Balance.  Each chapter’s contributor has been listed following the chapter’s title.

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Section 1: Happiness

Chapter 1: No Simple Solution – Doreen Guma

Chapter 2: We Are All Tortured Souls – Doreen Guma

Chapter 3: Quality of Life – Rebecca L. Norrington

Chapter 4: What Do You Dream About and What Are You Worth? – Joseph J. Farina

Chapter 5: Once Shy – Laura Francomano Facini

Chapter 6: Where Have the People Gone? – Geena Bean

               Chapter 7: Breakup to Breakthrough – Heidi Krantz

            Chapter 8: What I Have Learned After Many Years of Marriage – Madeline Brady

            After note by Dr. Matthew Gelber


                Chapter 9: Always Striving for the “Brass Ring” – Doreen Guma

                Chapter 10: I Believe Everything Happens for a Reason – Christine Farrell-Guma

               Chapter 11: Lost…Then Found – Jonathan S. Barrett

Chapter 12: From Hopelessness and Misery to Hope and Joy – A Story of Addiction to Laughter – Keith Richard Godwin

Section 2: Health

Chapter 13: Graceful Aging Brain – Ruth Curran

Chapter 14: Becoming Healthy After Forty Years of Being Unhealthy – Tami Racaniello

Chapter 15: Never Give Up Your Search for What Ails You – Christie Korth

Chapter 16: An Illness Does Not Have to Stop You from Living Life – Jean Rose Castiglione

Section 3: Finance / Work Life Balance

Chapter 17: Learning to Make My Money Work – Laurence Dresner

Chapter 18: What’s Right Works So Much Better Than What’s Wrong – Jeffrey Levy

Chapter 19: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? – Brian Cohen

Section 4: Conclusion

Chapter 20: Digging Deeper – Doreen Guma

Parting Words – Doreen Guma

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