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This super silky advanced formula glides easily onto the eyes while providing beautiful rich color. Stylishly packaged in a beautiful Black Slim View.
Shades are broken down into the light, neutral or dark coloring options for an easy choice to make you look extraordinary! Shadows Purchase one of the collection of 4 shadows or all 4.
If considering all 4 colors in a collection (light, dark or neutral), please consider purchasing in the palette compact which comes with all 4 colors in a case with mirror and applicator.  Palette is provided at no extra charge when you purchase the 4 color collection.  This option can be ordered below.
When ordering choose color for your coloring — dark, light or neutral
Light is recommended for: Light Skin Tone, Yellow Undertone, Golden Blond / Auburn Hair
Neutral is recommended for: Light Skin Tone, Pink / Peachy Undertone, Ash Brown/Blond Hair
Dark is recommended for: Dark /Olive Skin Tone, Dark Brown, Blond or Black Hair
Item Choices:
Pictured colors 1 – 4:  Light color collection
MKP-SSS-Light 1 Carriage
MKP-SSS-Light 2 Phoenix
MKP-SSS-Light 3 Biology
MKP-SSS-Light 4 Tremor
Pictured colors 4 – 8: Neutral color collection
MKP-SSS-Neutral 1 Cakewalk
MKP-SSS-Neutral 2 Peach Daiquiri
MKP-SSS-Neutral 3 Instinct
MKP-SSS-Neutral 4 Fierce
Pictured colors 9 – 12:  Dark color collection
MKP-SSS-Dark 1 Optimist
MKP-SSS-Dark 2 Deception
MKP-SSS-Dark 3 Mudslide
MKP-SSS-Dark 4 Void

Option:  Bonus compact with mirror and applicator when all 4 colors in collection are ordered together

Order item MKP-SSS-Compact Light for Light Collection
Order item MKP-SSS-Compact Neutral for Neutral Collection
Order item MKP-SSS-Compact Dark for Dark Collection


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Shadows Individual Color Choices

MKP-SS-Light 1 Carriage, MKP-SSS-Light 2 Phoenix, MKP-SSS-Light 3 Biology, MKP-SSS-Light 4 Tremor, MKP-SSS-Neutral 1 cakewalk, MKP-SSS-Neutral 2 Peach Daiquiri, MKP-SSS-Neutral 3 Instinct, MKP-SSS-Neutral 4 Fierce, MKP-SSS-Dark 1 Optimist, MKP-SSS-Dark 2 Deception, MKP-SSS-Dark 3 Mudslide, MKP-SSS-Dark 4 Void, MKP-SSS-Compact Light for Light Collection, MKP-SSS-Compact Neutral for Neutral Collection, MKP-SSS-Compact Dark for Dark Collection