Setting Goals is All About Making a Commitment to Yourself Repeat after me…”I am CAPABLE, I am CONFIDENT, I am COMPETENT!

Tips for GOAL Setting:

1. Commitment is essential to achievement. Commit to making a change.
2. Choose a goal(s).
3. Take the required action steps that will move you in the direction of achieving your goal.
4. Energize your recipe for success by adding PASSION into the equation.
5. Always keep your focus on what you desire.

Be SMART when setting your goal(s):

S – Specific, Significant, Stretching

M – Measurable, Meaningful, Motivational

A – Agreed upon, Attainable, Achievable, Acceptable, Action-oriented

R – Realistic, Relevant, Reasonable, Rewarding, Results-oriented

T – Time-based, Timely, Tangible, Trackable

*Writing down your goal(s) makes them much more effective! This makes your goal(s) more concrete. It will give you motivation for movement…the ‘legs’ necessary for you to begin taking action steps toward achieving
your goal(s).

*Review your goal(s) periodically and make necessary adjustments. Ask yourself what is working (keep it up), what is not working (shift gears) and PERSEVERE!

*Utilize an accountability partner and/or mastermind group to keep you focused and on target.

*Have the right ATTITUDE…express GRATITUDE daily!

Authored by: Eugenia Karahalias

Eugenia E. Karahalias is a holistic mental health therapist who incorporates the body, mind, spirit approach into her healing modalities.

“I am all about body, mind and spirit. I call myself a Lifestyle Modification Expert. My goal is to help individuals get unstuck so that they can push past their blocks to unleash their full potential. I utilize a myriad of tools to facilitate this process.”

Eugenia currently specializes in the treatment of addictions, anxiety, bereavement, depression, improving performance, pain management, PTSD, phobias, relaxation & stress management and trauma utilizing a myriad of tools from the following disciplines: Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW-R), Credentialed Alcoholism & Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy (CCH), EMDR II Specialist (Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing), Reiki Master & Magnified Healing Teacher & Practitioner Phase III. Offices located in Amityville and West Babylon, NY.

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