BExtraordinary® Fragrance

Our BExtraordinary® unisex fragrance, perfect for men and women, was created by our own Michael K. Waterman to spread the message that…

EVERYONE CAN BExtraordinary®

Incorporating a delicate fusion of all essential oils BExtraordinary®  is derived from natural herbs and sensually spicy elements.  The fragrance is designed to provide aromatherapeutic benefits. With a top note of bergamot, this unique scent is tantalizing and exotic, yet delicate, powdery, soft, and mellow.  Well known as the key ingredient in Earl Grey tea and recognized to provide an uplifting, calming and soothing effect on the mind and spirit.

BExtraordinary®, designed to inspire, to remind everyone that we are unique, that we can do amazing things, that…

We CAN BExtraordinary®!

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