speakerOur professional resources are available to speak at your events, workplace, club, organization, conference.

The following topics are examples of presentations our professional resources can provide to your club, organization, or event. Note that this program list is not inclusive and that all presentations will be custom designed to fit the goals and needs of your event.  Pricing may vary depending on your individual situation, location and length of presentation.

With the many professionals on our site and their expertise we believe we can cover any topic you may require. Please contact us at 631-331-2675 or email: info@timetoplay.com to tell us about your event so we can discuss details to make your event amazing.


Overview of Presentation

Dr. Harris Cohen

Doreen Guma

Eugenia Karahalias Rebecca Norrington

Programs on self-worth, self-empowerment, self-love, for youth through seniors. We’re not talking just about what to do about bullying here.  We’re working on proactive prevention, not reactive programs.

Dr. Cohen offers a specific program entitled: Expressing the life within: Discovering self-esteem

Please contact 631-331-2675 so we may tailor your program specifically to the needs of your organization and the age group of those we will be at your presentation.

Ron Villano


Licensed Psychotherapist

Ron Villano is a nationally experienced speaker.  He offers you a custom designed presentation which will fit your goals and meet the needs of your event. Pricing varies upon size of group, length of time and type of presentation.  No matter if your presentation is for a small informal group or major keynote address for the start of your convention, Ron will deliver his powerful message and make your event the talk of the town for years to come.  Embrace the Power of Change today and start loving the life you live!

Examples of topics:

  • The Rejection Myth:  for business presentations.
  • Bereavement:  presentations on loss.
  • UDR:  workshop for therapists, but can be used as another general topic.
  • EmptyGarage has all the elements of his master presentations (over 1000 people).
Rebecca L. Norrington
  • Reality Vs. our Thoughts. . . And the Winner Is.
  • The Truth About Your Emotions
  • You Want to Change the World?  Let Me Show You How!
  • Save the Drama for Your Mama!
  • You Are the Solution!
  • What Are Your Priorities?
  • What’s Your Excuse?
  • The Never Ending Search for Purpose!
  • Who Are You?

The topics presented are just an overview of the presentations that Rebecca L. Norrington offers.

General overview of presentations:

Rebecca will introduce the topic, provide personal stories, examples of situations, proactive suggestions, interventions, and / or actions that an attendee can implement, engage in interactive discussion and questions from the audience.

Peer Support Gregory Guma, Psychology student Programs for youth
Jonathan Barrett, minister

Spirituality / Healthy Marriage

  • Jonathan will speak to your organization about his struggles with depression and suicide and how he found faith.
  • He also provides programs on building healthy marriages.

Dr. Matthew Gelber

Jennifer Gilbert, MD

Presentations together or separate

  • Clinical pyschologic issues/relationship
  • Health/surgery/sexual/infertility expert.
  • Together as a team for a complete presentation for body and mind
Presentations can be individualized for the needs of your group or organization for an audience of women, men or combined group.

Heidi Krantz

Patricia Powis

Divorce / Reinventing Your Life

  • Heidi Krantz has many different programs on this topic
  • Patricia Powis re: mediation and how to amicably end a relationship for the good of all involved
Keith Godwin

Laughter Heals

  • Keith Godwin / Recovery Comics:  Using laughter to heal. Contact us for more information
Sheila Korte

Program Examples:

  • Enjoying Your Community
  • Travel Tips / Low Cost Trips / Happiness

David Gentile

Tami Racaniello

Christie Korth

Ruth Curran

Ilene Corina

Michael K Waterman

Health topic examples include:

Anti-Aging (Dr. Dave)

IBD / Chron’s Disease (Christie Korth)

Weight Loss / Healthy Eating (Tami Racaniello)

Brain Health (Ruth Curran)

Health Safety / Medical Error Prevention (Ilene Corina)

BExtraordinary™ and Beautiful from the Inside and Out (Michael and Doreen)

We can customize programs to your needs
BUSINESS / Work Life Balance

Joseph Farina

Jeffrey Levy

Joe Refano

Karin Stewart

Brian Cohen

Business / Sales / Time Management Topics / Program Examples:

  • Public Speaking / Training (Brian Cohen)
  • Sales Training / Building your Business (Joe)
  • Positive Changes to the Culture in Your Organization for Business Growth (Jeff)
  • Business Accounting Strategies (Karl Janhsen)
  • Marketing Strategies (Joe Refano)
  • Time Management (Karin Stewart)
Mary Simmons:

Human Resources

  • Supervisory Skills
  • How to Utilize Social Media for Recruitment
  • The Dangers of Employee Use of Social Media
  • Anti-Discrimination / Anti-Harrassment Training
  • Supervisory Skills: What the supervisor needs to know to be successful
  • How to utilize social media for recruitment:  Participants will learn low cost or free ways to source candidates and promote their company’s brand to attract applicants.
  • The Dangers of Employee Use of Social Media:  Participants will understand employer vs. employee rights and responsibilities under the law to using social media
  • Anti-Discrimination / Anti-Harassment Training:  Participants will learn what to look for in sexual harrassment and discrimination and learn how NOT to create a work environment that is not EEO compliant.

Brian White

Laurence Dresner

Jeanne Brutman

Ron Fatoullah

Anthony & Dina Isola

Helen Keit

Carly Wardwell

Some program topic examples from Brian White:

  • Retirement Income
  • Cornerstones to your financial future
  • Building a Confident Retirement
  • Sending Your Child to College
  • How an Estate Plan puts you in control

Elder Planning (Ron)

Real Estate – Senior Downsizing, How to Buy a House, Default Management (Helen)

Debt Counseling / Avoiding Forclosure (Carly)


This program list is not yet complete. Please contact us at 631-331-2675 or email: info@timetoplay.com to discuss the needs of your organization / group so that we may tailor a program just for you.