It’s October — Make-up Can Be Scary!!

Michael K. Waterman, your Beauty Editor Here! (shown in a Blair Witch Project Moment!)


It’s October. Halloween looms brightly on the Horizon! (started as the Pagan Holiday Samhaine, the Celtic New Year). Time to chase all the old year away and also time to commune with those “crossed over”. All the familiar icons – pumpkins, skeletons, demons, witchs, all come from ancient traditions. We all loved Halloween as Children.

Well, I was always (and I Still am) a Make-Up Junkie, so Halloween was a chance to shine. Here is my Homage to The Late Heath Ledgers!



This was Very simple… Heavy lighter foundation on the whole Face, a trans-sheer reddish blush on my right eye, black shadow and liner, an extended lip liner in black and brown and a dark lip. Add a dark suit, a fedora and Zzzzzzaaap! I was the Joker!

Here is a Kind of Voldemort /Demon Monk with 5 prosthetics and a cool monk’s robe. After I applied the skull cap and 4 prosthetics, I darkened his socket area with black shadow, added a grey beige airbrush patina to the face and blended. The highlights and added dark contours to give him a more ghoul-like appearance.


Ok… so you’re on a budget and you wanna do something fun – here’s a kind of Morph or Wayne & Garth from Wayne’s world “Party on dudes, Wayne’s Worlds world, Excellent!” This is achieved with a halo wig (hey we know I ain’t got no hair!), a little warmer foundation and a cool hat courtesy of Doreen!! It’s BExtraordinary™! And the back says “Time to Play!” I laughed — didn’t know I looked that much like Garth…


I used very simple make up!

Oh, ladies, don’t feel left out! Here’s a Black Swan …


Her eyes are feathers of liquid silver and black eye liners, black shadow and air brush, blush and foundation. She wore a black swan ballerina costume and tiara.

Or, be a Clown! Which, we all know, in my case means just be yourself…


Halloween reminds us what Time to Play reminds us … that we MUST take the time to Enjoy Life.

And, I always say, why look Good when you can Be EXtraordinary™!! Happy Halloween, all!

As always, remember to Ask Michael!

Love. . . Michael K.

Authored by: Michael Waterman

I am Michael Waterman. I have been known as an authority on make-up and skin care for decades. Why? I am a fortunate person. I was a freelancer in Cosmetics for a long time. In 1986 I caught the eye of company called Intelligent Skin care (I.S.) they are an incredible Japanese cosmetic company. They combined nature and high-tech Beauty science, and I was thrilled to be a part of their team. I discovered so much about what Americans wanted in a Skin care/Make-Up line (and I had to do it with a Japanese Cosmetic company!). We used state of the art (in 1985) machines and computers to test and advise our clients of the condition of their skin. I learned so very much. In1989 I was honored to join the exclusive team of skin care and make-up professionals at the world famous Georgette Klinger Spas. Ms. Klinger took a liking to me and became my mentor and a loving force in my life. Georgette Klinger was the reining authority on skin care. She brought old world know-how herbal wisdom and science into a whole new Genre -- The spa. In 1939 she came to America From Europe and single handedly revolutionized the Science of Beauty. I was with her for 17 years and became one of the most requested Make-Up artists and Skin care Professionals in her company . I know she would be proud of Me today. I still feel her spirit with me as I do my work, and I keep the principles she taught me. My clients are the better for it. Reach Michael by email: Michael's Podcast Link: Look Good from the Inside and Out! Ways to make yourself look radiant this holiday season. You know beauty is not only made up by what you put on your skin, but in your body. Check out our new BExtraordinary™ collection!

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