It’s 2015 time to get Your glowing for the new year!

Happy New Year All!
Doreen Noticed my Skin She Said
” What Are You doing differently it Looks amazing she said ?” Serums I said.

What Are Serums?
Serums are highly concentraited wonderful mixtures of vitamins minerals and amino acids and other elements Like Hyralonic Acid Ferulic acid Peptides All super skin rever uppers
things which help out your skin into its best condition
recently I’ve been using Clarins Lift Affine Visage which address fine lines and skin firmness Doreen Are fearless leader has noticed the difference in my skin and so have my co workers
I recommend you talk to a skincare professional ( like Myself)
let Them do a Dehydration and Skin elasticity test to determine skin condition All skin types have different needs .

It always goes back to knowing your skin type Oily, Normal, Dry Sensitive Acne prone Combination. There are Serums to Address all your specific needs.

So What Do I recommend? First as I said talk to a Professional
Secondly get samples and see what you like and that you’re not allergic to( Doreen as you may remember is Allergic to everything)

Samples are always a good idea Sephora will always give them to you
And They have Brand Partners at most locations Who represent the various brands and can give you extra attention
also the employees (cast members )of Sephora are highly trained
they study their brands latest offerings daily.
but my other recommendation is do your own research there are hundreds of brands that all make excellent products ,but you Know you … so know what you results you want and ask questions and keep reading! I am always on the lookout for the best products for my readers and not what is just trendy or “hot” not what I want is results .
who Do I recommend ? depends on your requirements
do you want natural based? Caudalie Ole Hendrickson Clarins Korres Jose Moran Amore Pacific Nude skin Dr Jart tro name a Few
Do you wanna Go high Tech? Dr. Perricone Dr. Brandt Dr. Peter Thomas Roth All Have Amazing Answers How about high tech but on a budget? Clinique have a new Serum I love as Does Oil of Olay Neutrogena And Revlon Le Roc It seems they are everywhere.
I say take the time to find whats right for you, Afterall its your skin!
Why just look good, when you can BEXtraordinary ( Yes I will have a Timetoplay Skincare Line Too soon!)
Happy New Year Lets All Look Amazing for2015
until Next Time
Enjoy The Season
Michael K Waterman (your Cosmetic Guru)

Authored by: Michael Waterman

I am Michael Waterman. I have been known as an authority on make-up and skin care for decades. Why? I am a fortunate person. I was a freelancer in Cosmetics for a long time. In 1986 I caught the eye of company called Intelligent Skin care (I.S.) they are an incredible Japanese cosmetic company. They combined nature and high-tech Beauty science, and I was thrilled to be a part of their team. I discovered so much about what Americans wanted in a Skin care/Make-Up line (and I had to do it with a Japanese Cosmetic company!). We used state of the art (in 1985) machines and computers to test and advise our clients of the condition of their skin. I learned so very much. In1989 I was honored to join the exclusive team of skin care and make-up professionals at the world famous Georgette Klinger Spas. Ms. Klinger took a liking to me and became my mentor and a loving force in my life. Georgette Klinger was the reining authority on skin care. She brought old world know-how herbal wisdom and science into a whole new Genre -- The spa. In 1939 she came to America From Europe and single handedly revolutionized the Science of Beauty. I was with her for 17 years and became one of the most requested Make-Up artists and Skin care Professionals in her company . I know she would be proud of Me today. I still feel her spirit with me as I do my work, and I keep the principles she taught me. My clients are the better for it. Reach Michael by email: Michael's Podcast Link: Look Good from the Inside and Out! Ways to make yourself look radiant this holiday season. You know beauty is not only made up by what you put on your skin, but in your body. Check out our new BExtraordinary™ collection!

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