Introducing Barbara Ann Grova, Holistic Nutritionist

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Authored by: Barbara Ann Grova

Barbara Ann Grova, is a Holistic Nutritionist and the President and Founder of Shrink Your Body, the holistic way ™ and Nutritional Healing, a thriving Wellness practice in St James and Stony Brook, New York. She is certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. She has over 20 years of experience in health and nutrition. Barbara Ann believes food is medicine and can heal your body. She specializes in Women's Health, Weight Loss, Family Nutrition, Anxiety, Depression, Autoimmune Diseases, Hormonal Health, Inflammatory and Digestive issues. In addition, she is passionate about working with the nutritional and lifestyle needs of families that have children with behavioral issues, weight issues, allergies and ADD/HD. She also has experience working with children going through early (precocious) puberty since her own daughter experienced this condition at the age 6. Barbara Ann offers, private, group and Corporate Wellness Programs. She works privately with many clients with cancer to help them rebuild their immune system after treatment or keeping their immune system strong during treatment and supporting those clients that only want natural alternative treatments.

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