The American Heritage Dictionary defines culture as: The predominating attitudes and behavior that characterize the functioning or a group or organization. Every business has one, it’s just a matter of whether or not it is defined or default. Why would you want to take control and define you won culture? Here are just a couple of reasons why:

  1. It determines your “rules of the game”, both internally and externally
    This sets the tone for what is and is not acceptable both internally and externally. think of a soccer field. Anything can go on, as  long as they stay “in bounds”. It reduces frictions and “fuzziness”.
  2. It defines WHO your company is, and for what it stands.
    This makes recruiting easier, as well as attracting you perfect customer
  3. It engages your team.
    with a defined culture, everyone knows where they stand, and where they are going. It emphasizes their specific importance. That leads to happier staff, which keeps them around longer, AND it increases productivity tremendously.

How to define and create your company culture:

  1. As the owner, sit down and really think about what are the most important values to you.
    For example, a couple of my culture statements are as follows: 1. Open and honest communications at all times, 2. over service, 3. as long as I have done something for a business owner that will help his business, I’ve had a good day, and 4. I am not nice. (I explain this in the video)
  2. Once you come up with 3- 5 statements. Engage your managers / team.  Have them do the same.
    This in itself is great for team building. Plus, I am sure you will have several similar responses. Together you can define your culture and crate your “points of culture” statement.
  3. See if you are leaving out anything regarding how you want your company to be perceived in the market place.
    this helps with your marketing, sales, and recruitment
  4. Determine how to handle any consequences for not following the culture.
    Ground rules set, less issues to handle

For a great book on this topic- I suggest “Delivering Happiness” by Tony Hseih. Make this a fun and engaging exercise. Mostly make it your mantra to live by! Have a great week! Next week’s topic is product and positioning.


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Authored by: Lee Munch

Lee is a business transformation specialist. 10 years ago, Lee Munch said bye-bye to the corporate world and left her global senior management position at Citigroup for the uncharted territory of business owner. Although she enjoyed what she did, and successfully grew the bottom line of the product she oversaw every year– something was missing. That something was purpose. Lee wanted to do something that really mattered. Leaving Citi, although quite scary, gave Lee the opportunity do something more- to be able to make a real difference in real people’s lives. Along came ActionCoach, a global business coaching franchise. Not a day since has Lee ever thought of doing anything else. Except for something bigger! May of 2013, Lee opted out of the franchise to go out on her own.  Monarch 13 was born, and so was Lee’s proprietary, results-based system: the 5 stages of business metamorphosis, and her tag line- “from chaos to control so you can have the freedom you deserve”.  As a results, Lee has had the privilege of Sharing the stage with T. Harv Eker CEO of Peak Potentials and author of “the secrets of the millionaire mind, a guest appearance on “Oprah and friends”, working with Gail Blanke, monthly contributor to Real Simple magazine, and bing noted as “One to Watch” by the Long Island Business News. Lee’s client’s results have been staggering. Focusing on helping small business owners get out of their own way, they stop running their businesses reactively, and start taking control. A couple success stories include: an architect firm  which with Lee’s guidance, strategic execution, and close monitoring of the company’s profit drivers, increased their profit margin more than 200% in less than a year - including the owner now taking a steady paycheck, and paying for Lee’s retainer. Plus – he was now able to get home in time for family dinner.  Another example is a struggling florist looking at losing everything. By combining two stores down to one, and implementing effective marketing strategies, and overall structure into the shop, it is now flourishing. It is Lee’s passion to help the small business owner grow their business in a consistent, strategic manner. Why that market?  Lee says “I choose that segment because generally, the owner is so busy doing the business of the business, they can’t even think of anything else – they’re tired, overwhelmed and may not know what to do to change it. They feel squeezed on all sides. They need the most help, and most often are the most overlooked.” Lee’s mission is to positively impact 13,800 or more area small businesses by December 31st, 2017, and everyday works toward its fulfillment.

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