Dating Lessons from Costa Rica


It hit me as I watched the freshly hatched Black Turtles find their way down the beach to the ocean. These creatures are unambivalent about following their instincts. When the naturalist set them free, just hours old, they did exactly what they needed to do to continue their lives the way they were meant to. As I stood there in awe, I asked the expert, “How do they know where the ocean is?” He smiled, put his hand up to his ear and answered simply, “They listen for the water.” His words stuck with me.

I thought of all the times that I emphatically point out to clients and workshop participants that their new potential partner is telling them everything they need to know about him/herself, very early on. All they need to do is to want to hear it and to listen carefully. The next step is to get in touch with their inner wisdom and follow its guidance in order to make the right choice about proceeding or retreating from the possible relationship. This process can actually be accomplished in a very matter-of-fact way, just like the method of the Black Turtles of Costa Rica.

These turtles did not hesitate. They heard the water immediately and followed the sound to the ocean. Not one of the fifty babies ever looked back or tried to go in the opposite direction.

So, poke your head out of your protective shell, open your ears immediately and listen to what your potential partner is telling you about him/herself, NOT what you would like them to be telling you. Then, follow your inner wisdom exactly where it is guiding you. If the turtles of Costa Rica can do it, so can you. Love is waiting…

Authored by: Heidi Krantz

Heidi Krantz
OTR, CPC - “From Breakup to Break-through!”

Heidi Bernstein-Krantz, OTR, CPC, is a Professional Life Coach with a specialty in divorce. She is the founder of Reinvention Life Coaching, a motivational speaker, and a published author. Heidi is certified by The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), an internationally accredited program.

Based upon her personal and professional experience with the divorce process, Heidi empathetically guides her clients to feel comfortable, supported, and increasingly self-confident. Coaching focuses on successfully navigating through all the changes that permeate life during divorce, including social, parenting, career, and financial upheaval. Within the coaching alliance, action plans that feel achievable and realistic are formulated, and goals are consistently met.

Heidi’s interactive workshops, seminars, and “Moving On” Groups empower many to shift into a more positive consciousness and to create opportunity during this challenging life transition.
Heidi's Podcast Link: From breakup to breakthrough -- how to move forward in 2012.

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