Benefits of Meditation

Why incorporate a meditation practice into your life?  One reason would be because it is a proven practice which can assist you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Studies have shown that using meditation can assist people with a multitude of issues they are trying to overcome such as anxiety, addiction, depression, eating disorders among other things. On the physical level meditation can also assist with lowering blood pressure, decreasing pain, reduce stress hormone levels, providing a more focused approach and improving cellular health. Meditation tends to calm the emotions and thus the body’s physical reaction to those emotions.

I hold guided meditation classes and routinely receive feedback from participants about how relaxed and calm they feel following the meditation. Feeling worried or anxious about situations often drains a person’s energy and it taxes the body making the individual less productive and unable to focus on taking the right action to correct any situations within their control. The beauty of meditation is that it is a practice which can often be done at no cost. There are many ways to meditate; in silence, alone, in a group, with guided imagery or while being actively engaged in some sort of physical activity. Often people do not try to mediate because they are not quite sure what to do or having tried in the past found they had difficulty. For people who fall into this category, there are many different types of meditation classes and groups being held and they may find it to their advantage to attend and try one out. Different methods of meditation appeal to different people so it is a matter of finding a good fit.

Authored by: Winter Brook

Winter Brook is a psychic medium and Reiki Master/ Teacher. She holds a B.A. in English from Boston College, a Juris Doctorate from St. John’s University School of Law and is a non practicing licensed attorney in the State of New York who closed her law practice in 2008 to pursue and share her passion for Mediumship, Reiki and Metaphysics, in general. In addition to publicly demonstrating, holding private readings, she holds classes which teach others how to tap into this wonderful aspect of themselves and develop spiritually. She has been featured on Fios TV1 segments entitled “Intuition” and “Be Ever Present” concerning intuitive development and meditation practice. She has   lectured at public libraries, civic groups and metaphysical groups on a variety of topics locally and throughout the US. While actively involved in the humanitarian group, Rotary International, she served as a director for a program called “Gift of Life” which provides corrective heart procedures to children in need and earned several awards of recognition including Rotarian of the year for 2003, (2) Paul Harris awards and was named 2005 Woman of the Year for the Northport area by the local paper for volunteer humanitarian efforts. She is currently an active member of Northport Chamber of Commerce. In addition to her charitable pursuits she is the single mother of two girls, the youngest of whom she adopted as a single mother as well as an avid animal lover.

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    • Winter Brook Author at 6:57 pm

      Hi Brian:

      Thank you for commenting. With meditation there are different schools of thought. If you have 20 -30 minutes a day to practice, it will deliver a world of difference. However, even just centering yourself in a stressful situation, using 1 -2 minutes to do so can improve things. Once you learn how to reach the calmness and stillness of your inner self, it takes less and less time to reach that. So by incorporating a routine practice in your life enables you to step quickly back into the calmness. That said, there are schools of thought that believe hours per day are necessary. So my position is to create a dedicated practice, built around your individual life schedule, give it importance but with the understanding that depending on your life, no worries if you need to alter that schedule.

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