I want to thank Doreen for inviting me to be share my insights about travel with her “Time to Play” audience.

Since this is my first post, I’ll start with a short introduction. I’m Sheila Korte, and my husband, Chris and I own a Cruise Planners/American Express Travel Franchise on Long Island. This is a second career for both of us and everyday, we feel that we have found our calling and are doing exactly what we most love to do, plan and TAKE vacations. Everyday we share our joy of travel with our clients and assist in helping to make their “travel dreams” come true.

Chris & I are both Baby Boomers and the way that we Play and Enjoy life the most, at this stage of our lives, is to travel as much as our schedules allow. The word, TRAVEL, usually makes me smile because it conjures up wonderful memories. I can replay in my mind some of the snapshots of the wonderful vacations, cruises, and relaxing getaways that my family and I have taken and can instantly be transported back to some of those exotic locales. Love of travel is contagious and I really enjoy sharing my excitement and joy of our travel experiences with clients.

Now that I’ve shared a little about the joy I feel when it comes to travel, I would like to communicate  about what the thought process should be prior to settling on a vacation destination. Some thought should be given to the personality traits of the travelers and what sort of everyday experiences “Light Up” the prospective travelers. For example, if he or she is an adrenaline junkie who needs to be constantly stimulated, then a spa vacation most likely wouldn’t be the best choice.

The adrenaline junkie might enjoy a vacation to the jungles or rain forest of Costa Rica or S. Africa, with excursions of zip lining or bungee jumping included in the itinerary, depending upon the travel budget, of course. A more sedate traveler might enjoy a steam boat cruise up the Mississippi River or a river cruise on one of the breathtaking European Rivers.

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Authored by: Sheila Korte

Sheila E. Korte is an expert in Group Cruises & Group Land Vacations. She is an entrepreneur and President and co-owner of Korte Travel, (along with her husband, Chris), a Cruise Planners-American Express travel franchise. 

Sheila received her Bachelor of Science degree in Travel and Tourism from Dowling College in May, 1999 and has been working in the travel business since then. Sheila & Chris are both veterans of the U.S. Army and are involved in several Veterans' charities and organizations.

Their goal is to run a yearly fundraising cruise to help raise money for deserving Veterans' organizations. Korte Travel specialties include:

  • Group & Individual Cruises and Land Tours
  • All inclusive resorts 
  • Escorted Tours  Everything from a quick weekend getaway to a worldwide cruise! 

"Take the Hassle out of Travel!" Call Korte Travel today and let us plan the vacation of your dreams!" 

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