30 Days of Turning Up the Noise on My Life: Challenge to Do More

Everyone falls into patterns and gets comfortable in their routines. How do you work your way out of a rut?

Right now I feel like I need to do a bit more to enhance my life, move out of my comfort zone, and push – something on mission, something that truly makes me practice what I preach, something challenges me to dig a bit deeper.

I preach this.  If you want to amplify the quality of your life and fire up the chemicals and electrical activity in your brain you must:

  • Be mentally and physically active;
  • Be social and feel the collective energy;
  • Be engaged in your life and your activities;
  • Be purposeful – find meaning and positive approaches that feed you on a deeper level; and
  • Be complicated – add levels of complexity to the every day.

Be more be better

So here goes. Each day this month I commit to turning up the noise on at least one piece of my day. That means, I am making a promise to myself to amplify my life by looking at something through a new lens, adding sensory data, focusing harder, noticing more, consciously activating pathways, taking on a new activity, or engaging in my life at a higher level!

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took a daily challenge to improve the quality of your life- to actually do, feel, experience, and be more?

I plan to find out.  You in?

Authored by: Ruth Curran

Ruth Curran, MS Brain Function  With over twenty-five years of expertise as a strategist, business development executive, and organizational behaviorist, Ms. Curran has developed a reputation as an exceptional business and personal development coach.  Ms. Curran’s passion and area of intense study and exploration has been the connection between the brain and daily functioning. This passion spurred her latest project, www.craniumcrunches.com, a photo-based series of thinking puzzles and games that help work around the effects of age, disease, or injury (TBI) on cognitive functioning and quality of life. Ms. Curran’s primary focus is on using a wide variety of games and “play” – those that inspire players to imagine, use strategies, and focus to succeed -- as a path to better thinking, better functioning, and better quality of life.

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