Buying or Selling a House – 5 Important Factors to Consider When Choosing Your Agent


The typical real estate transaction has so many facets and involves a myriad of details that to work with just any agent can cost you time and money – not to mention the house of your dreams! When buying or selling a house (  it pays to do your research in choosing an agent and consider the following as important factors – but not the only ones:

1 – Trust/Reliability – I put this as #1 since you want an agent who is honest and who you can count on to do the right thing – putting your interests over theirs.  A Wall Street Journal article 1/28/2013, How A Trust Deficit is Hurting the Economy highlights how essential trust is to any commercial transaction. 

2 – Experience – Check an agent’s track record of recent closed sales and ask for testimonials – or phone numbers to check with past buyers and sellers.  Experience counts and since buying or selling real estate is one of life’s largest financial transactions the choice you make in choosing an agent is crucial to a smooth and profitable sale/purchase.

3 – Knowledge – An agent who stays ahead of the trends, tools and topics in the real estate industry, and taken the time to earn real estate industry designations is better prepared to serve you at the highest level acting as your guide and advocate throughout the transaction.

4 – Teamwork – Agents who work with a team approach cooperating with other agents are more successful striving toward the common goal rather than their own individual interests.  Also those who have their own trained team of agents plus a team of ancillary service providers (contractors, movers, mortgage reps etc.) they can count on to help their buyers and sellers provide top level service and help ease the stress of moving.

5 – Speed – Agents who use leading edge technology solutions are able to operate at a more productive level, meeting your need for communication and results in a most efficient manner.

The above are by no means the only criteria to consider when choosing your real estate agent but are important factors which can make for a satisfying real estate transaction with optimum results!

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